catch up

this week has flown by and I have not seen Tia at all this week.  Man she is HOT.  I have been trying to follow her to Potions but she is too quick and I have to run to make it to transfiguration otherwise I am late, which is not good since the Professor all ready does not like me.

So far the only really nice person has been Lavendar A.  then again when you are stuck at school desperation forces people to do strange things.  She is not that bad of a person, follows the rules a bit too much but she has a naughty streak.

I heard there is going to be cheerleading practice so I have to go down to the quidditch field and watch the fluff.


2 Responses to “catch up”

  1. Rufus Hufindor – you need to keep your wand in your pocket! I don’t think you should have done that to that cheerleader. Beware.

  2. Hey… I was just stopping in to say hello and to ask you how your package was going. Did you get it sent off yet? There are lots of owls flying around, so if you haven’t gotten your package yet, you should keep your eyes open.

    ~Tia Pascal

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