take that Millicent

centybso there you go…i am the cock of the walk, the sole rooster in the hen house.  champion!!!!


4 Responses to “take that Millicent”

  1. good job. those look great. poor centy

  2. Ursula Longbottom Says:

    Good job, Rufus!

  3. Oh, Mr Hufindor, are we sure those were seamed shut? It’s not like you are wearing them in that photo. Do we actually know they were finished? Hmmm?

    Tia deserves better than you, you toad.

  4. Centy, I do deserve better than his currrent attitude. And besides, I have my eyes after a certain Slytherin boy I met on the train ride to Hogwarts. If there’s any chance of me accepting, he’s going to have to change his attitute towards other students. ::narrows eyes ever so slightly::

    -Argentia S. Pascal

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