I have been waiting to get my kit and it has not yet arrived.

I have been promised that it should be sent my way soon.  I am not the most patient of people but since the person that is suppose to be spoiling me lives on the West coast I do not think that I will drive over there,

The Milkshake group split school in a hurray and I figured out why.  One of them bound all of my clothes together so I could not get dressed the last day of school in my own clothes.  I was pissed.  I get out of the shower with nothing to wear but a towel and I had to trek through the common room back to my dorm room.  I am glad they did not think to include my dress robe in their charm.

Lav A.  tried to undo it for me but nothing she tried worked and Professor McG. worked on it for a while too.  The only she was able to get to open were my socks.

I can not wait until next term.  I am so going to be up on my game and get those girls back for all of the crap they pulled on me.  But, I can not do anything to harm my Tia.  I hope she comes back, she sure is pretty and I never did get to ask her out.


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