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Saturday night is all right for a fight….

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on October 9, 2008 by rufusthufindor

I was given permission to go into town and seeing that I am not all that chummy with the other guys, I thought I would tail the Milkshake group.  That is what I call a group of Slytherin girls.

Elanor seems to be the ring leader and I started spreading  rumors about her and failing grades and the some reason Dumbledore over looks it all.  When she looks at me at is if she is reading my mind and I get all itchy and I feel like snakes are crawling up my pants legs.  And when I go to swap at my legs she smiles this smile that make me feel weird.  Rumor has it she was kicked out of Ravenclaw for doing that to her former roommates.

Lavender Ackerly has forbidden me to anywhere near Slytherin house but…as if she has any say over me.

So anyway, I was following the Milkshake group around town.  One of them bought a new robe and when she was not looking at Honeydukes I put some itching powder in it.  They spent alot of time Scrivenshaft’s looking at quills and ink.  Violette and Elanor spent like two hours at the herb store with their heads so close together I think they actually became one person.  They spend alot time together come to think of it she spends alot of time with people with purple names.

They did a stop at 3 Broomsticks and this is where I think Violette noticed me following them because she smiled at me and I started to itch and have that weird feeling come over me again.  So, I left and waited at the Post Office where I could watch for them.  They stayed at the 3 Broomsticks for an hour and then went to Hog’sHead.

This is not a good place to go and I am not sure why we are even allowed to go here during our visit to town is strange.  Anyway, the Milkshake group goes into the bar and they are chatty like always and I watch them from the windows outside, but I start to itch again.  I think it was Petunia or Thomasina that saw me this time.  After two hours I see more Slytherin girls go into the bar and a bunch of Vampires, a Werewolf and for some strange reason at the end of the night a Hunter.

I figure it is crowed enough and I go in and sit at the bar when I hear the sound of two cats being tourtured, turns out to be Petunia and Elanor singing.  They looked quite drunk and were playing a strange game that had Petunia drinking far more than she should have.  Violette and Thomasina were playing pool and making some money.  That is when I saw Tia, she is so cute with her long black hair and the silver streaks in them and she has BOUNCE!!!!!!!!

It really pissed me off when I heard some dude at the bar talking about her how he wanted to kiss her, I got so mad that I punched him.  That is when the fight broke out.  Man it felt great to deck him but I sure do hurt this week.

I got tossed out of the bar and was told I need to pay for the damages or else my parents are going to be given a call.  Which means I will get kicked out of another school if I don’t pay up.  So, now I have to go back to the bar this weekend and do work to pay it off.

Sucks because I wanted to watch Falmouth Falcons too.